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About Dr. Schoemann

Is medicine more of an art than a science? In the field of plastic surgery, it is a collaboration of the two that produces the most natural and successful results. At a young age I excelled at art with natural talents in drawing and sculpting but I knew that I would go to medical school to use my hands to help others.It was during my first week of medical school that I discovered this harmonious balance of science and art with my introduction into the discipline of plastic surgery.

About Dr. Schoemann

Meet Dr. Schoemann

Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery & American Board of Surgery & Fellowship Trained

After undergoing more than nine years of surgical training, I decided to give something back. With careful consideration of what organization could best use my services, I offered my surgical expertise to Operation Smile for a year to change the lives of those born in India with cleft lip and palate.  Prior to moving to the San Diego area, I was an assistant professor of surgery teaching the next generation of plastic surgeons and expanding my practice. Initially specializing in pediatric plastic surgery,


my touch md

TouchMD is a revolutionary web portal that is changing the way in which patients interact with their doctors. It converts the pre-consult days into educational opportunities, greatly enhancing the doctor-patient interaction and creating a personalized and secure internet portal for the patient to review their own consultation.

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