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Client Testimonials

"I am absolutely thrilled with the work Dr. Schoemann did. I knew he had the experience and credentials, but it was the one-on-one consultation where he spent the time addressing my questions and concerns that convinced me. I could not be happier with the results.” - Karen S.

"Dr. Schoemann made a great first impression, taking the time to thoroughly explain the procedure and answer all of my questions. I did not feel rushed and appreciated the extra time he spent with me. The procedure went extremely well and I am very satisfied. I would highly recommend him. His office staff, the surgical nurse and anesthesiologist were all first rate and I was pleasantly surprised by the good price. I'm Korean and my friends told me I would have to drive to L.A. for an affordable facelift. Not true - I did an upper facelift in LA and it was expensive and I was not happy with the results. Dr. Schoemann's price was better and so were the results. The follow up care was also outstanding. Dr. Schoemann seems to genuinely care for his patients and not just getting patients in and out the door. If you make an appointment for a consultation with him and you will see what I mean."-M. Anderson

"It's been my dream for years to have bigger breast. I was a 36 small B. Now a 36 large D. I didn't just want to be a price shopper, (you get what you pay for) but the price was first to attract me. Then the phone call I made to Dr Schoemann's office, well need I say there was immediate comfort and a realness as I spoke to Christine and she answered my 50 questions. I called other Drs but felt that personable voice I was content with. I went in a few days later for a free consultation. Dr Schoemann was just as pleasant and informative. Again I had 50 questions answered... lol... I went home happy and ready to schedule this procedure. I did some of my own reading and researching and my preop appointment consisted of more questions and choosing my size. I have to tell you I knew I chose the right Dr. 1 day before my procedure the anesthesiologist called me, informed me what to expect and I was ready. Also the nurse also was a huge comfort by my side. The procedure went well, fast and when I woke up I had little pain. I highly recommend Dr Shoemann and his awesome team. You will have no regrets... If I can do this anyone can!!"- Terrie S.

"I have waited since I was 18 to be able to find the right doctor and have my very small breasts augmented to a size to fit my over all body shape. I am so very glad that I meet Christine and she told me about Dr Schoemann. I had the best feeling about him from the moment we meet and both he and his staff walked me and my mom through everything. Being able to try the implants on in the office and see how I would look before I made the decision was very helpful. My mother felt comfortable with Dr. Schoemann and his training and education which made it so much easier for me. His care for me was great and he was even available on the weekend when I was feeling queasy. I highly recommend Dr. Schoemann and his entire staff!!! " - Ashley D.