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Abdominoplasty/ Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty/ Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck in San Diego

Why You Should Choose Dr. Mark Schoemann for Your Tummy Tuck

Dr. Mark Schoemann is a body contouring specialist in San Diego specializing in Tummy Tuck and other body contouring procedures.  The Tummy Tuck is by far one of the most transformational procedures we offer.  Dr. Schoemann is a double board certified plastic surgeon that has performed many tummy tuck procedures with outstanding results.  Dr. Schoemann is considered to be one of the top plastic surgeons in San Diego for Abdominoplasty due to his patience and ability to sculpt a new you.

Am I a Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

The tummy tuck is usually recommended for women following their child birthing years if they have struggled with loose skin or losing weight after pregnancy.  Abdominoplasty is also recommended for individual following massive weight loss and not recommended as a weight loss treatment.  It is important that you have a good body mass index (BMI) and stable weight prior to the procedure being performed.

If you have the following you may be a candidate for Abdominoplasty;

  • Loose skin following childbirth or massive weight loss
  • Protruding muscles from child birth
  • Fatty areas in the waist and flank that diet and exercise can’t resolve

Types of Abdominoplasty Procedures

  • The mini-tummy tuck focuses on tightening the lower abdominal wall (short scar).
  • The full tummy tuck focuses on both the lower and upper abdominal wall (standard scar).
  • The extended tummy tuck tightens both lower and upper abdominal wall and the flanks and sides (long scar).

In addition to Abdominoplasty it is very common for Dr. Schoemann to also perform liposuction during the procedure.

How Long is the Tummy Tuck Recovery?

The tummy tuck is one of the most extensive procedures you can have, with that in mind we recommend taking 2-3 weeks off and resting.  Whenever you tighten muscles the healing time is slower than other procedures and it is important to relax during this healing.


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