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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in San Diego

Why Choose Dr. Mark Schoemann for Your Breast Reduction

Dr. Mark Schoemann is a double board certified plastic surgeon in San Diego specializing in breast reduction surgery.  Dr. Schoemann is one of the few elite double board certified plastic surgeon in San Diego that specializes in body contouring and has helped countless women with breast reduction surgery obtain their cosmetic goals.

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Right For Me?

Large breasts may be a desire when you are younger, but as you age large breasts can interfere with everyday activities.  Large breasts can also be a health hazard, causing many women to have back and  neck issues related to the weight of the breasts.  Oversized large breasts for many women will cause a degree of insecurity, if you are feeling insecure about this condition you are a candidate for breast reduction surgery.

You are a Candidate For Breast Reduction Surgery if you Struggle with Any of the Following;

  • large heavy breasts
  • difficulty breathing because of your breast size
  • neck pain associated with weight of breasts
  • shoulder pain associated with weight of breasts
  • back pain associated with weight of breasts
  • poor posture due to weight of breasts
  • chafing under breasts
  • bra strap indentations

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast reduction incisions are placed around the pigmented areas (the nipple-areolar complex) and extended vertically below the nipple and along the fold of the breast.  The nipple-areolar complex is moved upward lifting the breast tissue to the desired location and excess breast tissue, fat and skin are then removed.  Dr. Schoemann will then shape the breast and lift tissue creating smaller, firmer breasts that will no longer be a hinderance to your everyday activities.

What is Recovery Like From Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is very much like the recovery from a breast lift, you will need help the first 24 hours and will have to rest the first few days. Most patients can expect a recovery that is reasonable and uneventful.  You can expect to go back to work within the first week as long as the job doesn’t involve any physical activity.  Most patients are advised to take a month off of any strenuous activities including exercise.  You can expect your new breast shape to evolve over the course of six months following surgery.  Scars are mostly hidden and minimal once healing is complete, you can expect scars to improve over the course of one year.


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